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Luisa Zhou


Luisa Zhou is passionate about a regenerative future where we live in harmony with each other and all living beings. She spent many years studying the role of innovation and technology in the advancement of humanity, its impact on our lives and its potential in shaping our collective future.

She is fascinated by the persuasive power of media and immersive technologies and how they can improve the way we educate each other and our future generations. She recently completed an academic research project at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In addition, Luisa has organized several events around the globe, including the events with Stephan Hawkins, the first TEDxHongKong, CSTS Conference in Shanghai, YHW in Tulum, and most recently, BlockBase 2020 in Davos during the World Economic Forum week.

She was a HRX Researcher and Events Manager for Hanson Robotics with Sophia, the world's first robot citizen and the first robot Innovation Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme. She earned a MS in Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology from Universita Bocconi.

Luisa Zhou
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