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April Hu


April Swando Hu has extensive leadership and mentoring experience have been honed through regional start-ups and established multinationals alike, across both corporate and NGO sectors. IBM, McKinsey, Honeywell and Performa, are some of the prestigious organizations April has worked for. Some prominent stints include building the largest distance learning MBA program in Asia, and being CEO of Global University Alliance, a startup of 10 international universities offering online degrees.

April is the founder of Swando Company, where she has consulted multi-national corporations in cross-cultural leadership, team building, and change management business initiatives since 1995. April facilitates equal opportunity for all of humanity to manifest spiritual and material health and wealth, in tandem with planet-positive joy and resonance.

Given today's challenges, April's work focuses on integration of new technologies with holistic mindsets to spearhead radical shifts to ensure fulfillment of human potential and planetary wellbeing for current and future generations. Her vision to making this world a better place is fully supported by her passion and commitment to pursue planet-positive projects and empower feminine movement.

As an Advisor at Good Cause Group, April consults on social impact initiatives around the world that promote planetary wellbeing for current and future generations. April has an electrical engineering degree from Yale and an MBA from Stanford GSB.

April Hu
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