Ekin Gunaysu

Development Associate

Ekin Gunaysu has worked in think-tanks and a number of projects sponsored by international non-governmental organizations in areas of human rights, refugee support and climate change mitigation in diverse cultural settings. Prior to joining Good Cause Group, she worked for a World-Bank sponsored project and organized stakeholder workshops on carbon pricing mechanisms and supported the successful implementation of the program on climate change mitigation.


Ekin is passionate about supporting initiatives that have a social dimension and a positive impact on society. To that end, she volunteers for a number of organizations, such as Young Professionals Network of San Francisco and Braver Angels. Having a background in political science, she has always been very interested in global political developments and contemporary events happening in the world. She previously conducted research for the World Affairs Council in San Francisco, and she is currently supporting the Turkey Program at Middle East Institute in Washington DC by preparing reports on issues related to politics in Turkey and the US.

Recently, Ekin recently completed her certificate program on Business Administration and Project Management at the University of California, Berkeley. As part of her graduate program internship requirement, she joined UC Berkeley’s official startup accelerator SkyDeck and worked with advisors and Cal-affiliated startup founders that strive to improve the world with their innovations. Ekin earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Winthrop University, USA and her Master’s Degree in European Studies from Leuven University, Belgium.

Ekin played tennis professionally for 17 years and received full-athletic scholarship during her college education in the US. Having lived in Turkey, Spain, Slovakia, the US, and Belgium, she embraces an international perspective when it comes to cultural matters and values integrity, social responsibility, collaboration, and teamwork both in her private and professional life.

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