Executive Nonprofit Coaching

One-to-one coaching is designed to holistically cultivate executive leadership skills to strengthen and deepen the positive impact of your organization.



Together, we will design the support that works for you. We’ll begin with visioning and goal setting, and develop a framework that refines your innate gifts and activates your intuitive navigational compass.​

  • Explore your legacy and gain personalize tools for cultivating your unique qualities to ignite powerful social impact in the world.

  • Weekly 60-minute coaching sessions to hold you accountable for your life and organizational goals.

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Ready to take your cause to the next level? Our customized sessions will guide you with industry best-practices and development strategies to build capacity to scale your mission-focused initiatives. ​

  • We’ll provide step-by-step guidance in developing your team, program services, evaluation model, revenue streams, and strategic partners

  • 10 individual 60-minute training sessions focused on resource development

  • 10 week program offered year-round

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